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    Platform Beds: Modern Simplicity at its Finest

    The bedroom is always the most important part of one’s home. In it, one finds solace and refuge in a personal spot that belongs to him and only him. Therefore, when it comes to designing the bedroom, your choice of bedroom furniture is always crucial. The person who will eventually use the bedroom must play an active role in choosing his or her pieces as this will determine the overall look and feel of the room, which will then determine how comfortable and at home the bedroom owner will be at the end of the day.

    And of course, when talking about the bedroom, it is clear that the bed itself is the most sacred piece in the space. Therefore, one must make all the necessary considerations before settling on one bed. Today, with so many home and furniture trends popping up all over the place, even the types of beds have broadened and grown into a much more colorful variety. Platform beds, in particular, are becoming increasingly popular, particularly for homeowners that desire a modern yet simplistic vibe for their bedrooms.

    What are the Platform Beds?

    Your platform bed will essentially look like a broad bed that rests on a flat, horizontal surface—no legs. It is simply there to act as a raised support for the mattress. This type of bed is increasing in popularity nowadays, as it symbolizes the makings of a modern home.

    Platform beds are great for people who want their bedrooms to look elegant and classy, while at the same time simple and timeless. They are also very comfortable to lie down on, and because it is not raised high enough for you to fall off from a significant height, it makes it easier for people to get up from the bed in the morning. The wider your platform bed, the more comfortable it is.

    Platform beds are best utilized in condos and smaller spaces where the ceiling is not very high, as it is not raised as high as normal beds with legs are. Small condo dwellers will love how it is able to maximize space in a limited area while at the same time, provide comfort to the one sleeping in it.

    While it is highly recommended for smaller spaces with lower ceilings, your platform bed can look just as great in any other home! Simply spruce up a large room with a high ceiling with other accent or statement furniture so as not to make the space between the top of the mattress and the ceiling too bare. This is where decorative skills should kick in. Get creative with the different items you can use to design your bedroom and to fill up some of the lonelier spaces that the lower raised base of your platform bed leaves.

    At the end of the day, platform beds set out to achieve that ultra-modern yet sleek feel, and if this is the sort of look you desire for your bedroom, then it is a must-have for you.

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    Things to Think About for Custom Desks

    Custom desks are all the rage nowadays. This is hardly surprising, to tell you the truth, as these pieces of furniture are designed to have what you want, where and how you want it. This means that these desks have “you” written all over them: they do their best when they are used by you, and in the same sense, you will be able to do your best when you use them.

    However, the truth is that these desks do not build themselves. Even the most skilled woodworker will have a lot of difficulties making your custom desks for you if you do not effectively communicate to them how you want your desks to be made. Consider these, then, as a few things to keep in mind before having your custom desks made for you:

    Measurements – There is no sense in having a customized desk that will not fit in the space you allot for it. This means having a precise set of measurements for area and height ready will benefit you a lot. Take some time to hang around the room where you intend to place your desk with a tape measure or a good set of rulers. Having additional measurements for such dimensions as a desk area, elevations for extra compartments, shelves and other features will also be a big help to getting you the customs desks you want.

    Features – Knowing what to put in your custom desks will be to great benefit as well. Consider space for such conveniences as cup holders, pencil holders, shelves for reams of paper, openings to thread computer and lamp wires through, elevations for a printer and scanner, and the like. Having an arrangement that details how you want each item to be placed will help as well.

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    The Importance and Benefits of a Round Dining Table

    Dining is one and plenty and there are so many different options to choose from. You’ve got your small ones and large ones; circular, oval or rectangles tables; long and short tables, wooden and glass tables, and many more. However, I’m here to talk about roundtables and why sometimes, they really are the better choice of the dining table.

    When we say roundtables, people automatically conjure up images of King Arthur and his knights, seated around a huge, round, wooden table. It may seem as though today, roundtables are still very much a part of our homes as they were centuries ago. Because of their versatility and ability to gather people around and amazing means of influence the social dynamic of those seated, circular dining tables are well worth taking the time to consider when purchasing.

    A Greater Sense of Intimacy

    If you were to place sentimental value on why round dining tables should be your choice of furnishing, then it would have to be the intimate setting and mood that it provides. Especially for romantic dinners, roundtables allow people to feel more “joined together”, as opposed to a square table where there are corners that seem to cut off the diners from each other.

    Space Saving

    Compared to other dining room table shapes, round dining room tables save more space and fit more comfortably into smaller, cramped spaces. It also makes it easier to move around if your dining area is a bit small. Some round dining tables will even have collapsible ends, allowing you to fit it snugly against a wall if needed. Even with large dining room tables, round ones seem to offer the most space maximizing benefits, allowing you to seat 10-12 people comfortable while leaving more space around than expected.

    The Value of Versatility

    Aside from fulfilling the purpose of serving meals, dining room tables also function as game tables or work tables. In the case of being a game table, such as a place to play cards, round dining room tables seem to be the more popular choice. Aside from this, round tables are great for hosting dinner functions as a place to arrange a buffet, if you are serving one. It will allow you to arrange everything in the center and just have the guests go around to get their food. While this is certainly possible with any other table, a round table just seems to create a more fluid motion.


    Round dining tables are a great option for anyone. Whether your home is big or small, the tables are comfortable, beautiful, and versatile options you will enjoy for years and years to come.